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How many pets are allowed?

cute bulldog puppy looking up at camera

The session fee includes up to three pets.  If you have more than three pets that you would like me to photograph in a single session, please contact me.  Keep in mind that the more pets involved in a single session, the less time there is to devote to capturing the best of each pet.

Will my dog be on-leash or off-leash?

I will not put your pet in any situation that might compromise their safety.  So, unless the area is secure, your dog will likely be on-leash for the session.  I can do some things during the session and during the editing process to make sure the leash does not detract from the final image.  And if you want a special leash, collar, or other bling in your pet’s images, we can certainly include them.

What if my dog is not trained?

No worries!   I have worked with all kinds of dogs, from the most timid to some really hyper shelter dogs.   My goal is to photograph your pet doing what they do best – no one is judging how well they will sit or stay.  Before we start, I will spend some time getting to know your pet, and getting them used to me and the camera.

Will you photograph pets/animals other than dogs?  

Absolutely!  I will photograph most kinds of pets including cats, birds, rabbits, etc., as well as horses, llamas, alpacas, and farm animals.

Will you photograph me/the kids/other family members?

Shutterdog Pet Photography is best at photographing pets, and your pet is the star of the show.  I would be delighted to include you and other family members in as many images with your pet as you want.

Will you photograph my wedding/maternity/newborn session etc.?

You can ask, but I’ll likely refer you to someone who will be a much better fit for that type of photography.  Unless of course, it is a dog wedding!

Will you photograph at dog shows or events?

Maybe – it depends on the type of event, the location, and the type of photographs you are interested in.   Please contact me and we can discuss whether Shutterdog Pet Photography is the best fit for your needs.

What is a “shutterdog” anyway?

It’s actually a piece of hardware used to hold window shutters open against the wall of a house (seriously, do an internet search for it!).  Has nothing to do with photography … just a fun trivia fact.

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