2017 Great Frederick Fair Dog Show

One of the highlights of my year is being part of the official photography team with A Personal Touch Photography at the Great Frederick Fair in Frederick, Maryland.  One of my favorite “duties” is spending the day photographing the Dog Show, hosted by the Tailwaggers 4-H Club.  What a pleasure it is to see these boys and girls with their wonderful dogs showing off their skills in showmanship, obedience, rally, and agility.  These 4-Hers are such professionals – their poise and positive attitudes are inspiring, as is their willingness to help their fellow competitors.   The competitors, judges, and the many adult volunteers make everyone feel welcome and go above and beyond to make the day fun and educational for all.  It is such a joy for me to be part of the experience and photograph their show.  Here are some of my favorite images from this year’s fair, including an image of a gorgeous Xoloitzcuintli, the first Xolo I’ve been lucky enough to meet and photograph.

favorite images from the 2017 4-H dog show at the Great Frederick Fair

more favorite images from the 2017 4-H dog show at the Great Frederick Fair

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Northern Exposure

MUSH!!!    Never did I imagine I would be saying those words and driving my own eager (and adorable!) team of huskies through the frozen wilderness.  But I did it!   Earlier this month I travelled to Sky High Wilderness Ranch near Whitehorse, Canada for an amazing Yukon winter adventure.  A week filled with dogsledding, snowmobiling, and lots of beautiful forest and mountain landscapes to photograph along with my friends at Muench Workshops.  Oh, and there were Northern Lights and a breathtaking night sky as well!   And to top it all off, Sky High has 150+ friendly and loveable pups in their kennel, and needless to say, I spent lots of my “spare” time getting slobbery kisses and capturing portraits of those beautiful faces.  Still working through all my images, but I wanted to share these with you.  One afternoon, we rode the snowmobiles out to frozen Fish Lake, and laid in the snow while two of the ranch’s guides, Julien and Morgan, and ranch owner Gary, skillfully drove their dog teams right at us so we could photograph them in action.  SO. MUCH. FUN.   Look at these crazy happy faces!   Gaaaaaahhhh!

a collage of dogsledding photos

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