Patience.  A sense of humor.  Patience.  Fast focusing.  Patience.  Cute feather/jingle-bell stick thingy.  Did I mention patience? This, I learned, is the secret to photographing shelter kitties.  I recently added our local SPCA to my list of volunteer projects.  Their staff is fabulous, and like most shelters, there is no shortage of wonderful dogs and cats looking for new homes.   Sadly, many of the available animals are owner surrenders, which breaks my heart.  I have photographed over 70 of the adoptable kitties in the last couple weeks.  Here’s a sample.

kitty blog001 940 x1880

kitty blog002 940x1880

Hopefully, these photos will help some of these cuties find new families that will love them forever.   Visit the SPCA in Winchester, Virginia to cuddle with one of these kitties.  Or, if you live too far away, visit a shelter near you and adopt your purrfect companion.